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Coming Soon - Tech FAQs

Management Questions about post sales licensing and plugin updates
Data Data importing and exporting questions
Email Setup Email settings and setup questions
Page Styling How to properly style and setup your page
Video Working with video players
Analytics Working with Google Analytics
Troubleshoot General troubleshooting issues
Please read the changelog for important updates and security patches.
Important: Not all questions apply to EZP Coming Soon. Some cover Coming Soon Elite-only features.

Plugin Management

My license will not activate what should I do?

If you are unable to activate your license right away it is recommended to try and wait 5 or 10 minutes and try again. If the issue persists then follow these steps:

Activation Steps
  1. Login to your account Dashboard and validate the key number. Also validate your license count.
  2. Temporarily disable any of your security plugins to see if they are blocking outbound requests.
  3. Check with your hosting provider to see if they have any firewall restrictions you are not aware of.
  4. Check with your host to see if their servers can reach
Can I upgrade my license to a bigger package?

Yes. To upgrade your license

  1. Go to the Dashboard
  2. On the Purchases tab click 'View Licenses'
  3. On the license detail click 'View Upgrades'
  4. Click on the appropriate 'Upgrade License' link
  5. Proceed to checkout
Install error shows "Uploaded file exceeds upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini"?
Option 1
Change your file upload limit to be 4MB or greater, by following these instructions.

Option 2
If #1 doesn't work or you aren't sure how to set it, please contact host support and ask them to up the upload limit to at least 4MB.

Option 3
If #1 doesn't work and your host won't do #2 perform the following:

a) Extract the plugin .zip into a temporary directory on your local machine
b) FTP the easy-pie-csp-elite directory on your local machine to /wp-content/plugins/easy-pie-csp-elite

At that point the plugin will show up in your plugins list and you can activate from there.

The plugin will not update what can I do?

There can be many reason for a plugin not updating such as firewall rules, security plugins such as Wordfence or web server constraints setup by your hosting provider. These types of issue can be time consuming to trace and will usually require the help of your hosting or server adminstrator.

The best way to get the plugin updated quickly without tracing down configuration problems is to follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Dashboard & download the latest version.
    Use the same email address you used when purchasing Coming Soon
  2. Uninstall Coming Soon
  3. Go to Plugins/Add New and click Upload Plugin
  4. Upload and Activate the plugin you downloaded in step 1


How do I copy settings from Lite into Elite?
  1. Go to Coming Soon > Tools.
  2. Click on the Settings Import button.
  3. Click the OK button.
How do I copy subscribers from Lite into Elite?
  1. Go to Coming Soon > Tools.
  2. Click on the Subscribers Import button.
  3. Click the OK button.

Important! Imported subscribers won't be automatically added to any of your mail providers. Export list into CSV then import manually into the providers.

How do I export subscribers into a CSV file (Elite)?
  1. Go to Coming Soon > Tools.
  2. Click on the Subscribers Export button.
  3. Save the file to your local computer.
How do I export subscribers into a CSV file (Lite)?
  1. Go to Coming Soon > Subscribers > Create Newsletter.
  2. Click the Save button.
  3. Save the file to your local computer.

Email Setup

How can I autosync subscribers to MailChimp?

The following describes how to configure Coming Soon Elite so subscribers automatically get added to a MailChimp mailing list when they sign up on the Coming Soon page.

1. Log in to MailChimp.

2. Click on Account.

3. Click on Extras / API keys

4. Click Create A Key

5. Copy the newly created key.

6. Configure Coming Soon Page: Elite

  • Paste key into plugin's "Email Marketing" settings
  • Click "Save"
  • Choose the MailChimp list you want to sync to.
  • Click "Save" again.

From now on anyone who subscribes using your Coming Soon Page will be pushed to the MailChimp list.

Important Keep in mind that when you use 'double-optin' subscribers won't show up in MailChimp until they've received a confirmation email from MailChimp and acknowledged that they want to be part of the list. Unchecking double-optin removes this requirement but you risk getting into trouble with MailChimp since there hasn't been confirmation that those people wanted to be on the list.

MailChimp posted this article elaborating on double vs single optin.

How can I import subscribers into a provider other than MailChimp?
  1. Go to Coming Soon > Subscribers
  2. Click the CSV Export button
  3. Save the CSV file to your local drive
  4. Follow your mail provider's instructions for importing subscribers from a CSV file.

Page Styling

What are some examples of styling the plugin with CSS?
Give the content box a drop shadow
#content-area: { box-shadow: 1px 7px 36px -5px rgba(34,34,34,1); }

Make social icons round
#social-twitter { border-radius:50% }
#social-instagram { border-radius:50% }
#social-facebook { border-radius:50% }
/* Repeat for any other social icons - see next question for CSS selectors */

Change email and name input box height

The following sets email and name input boxes height to 50px each.

#email-input { height: 50px!important;}
#name-input { height: 50px!important; }

Change the colors of the countdown timer

To change all boxes to red (HTML color reference) use:

#countdown-days { background-color: #FF0000; }
#countdown-hours { background-color: #FF0000; }
#countdown-minutes { background-color: #FF0000; }
#countdown-seconds { background-color: #FF0000; }

Change the color of the social icons

The following gives a simple example of how to chance the color of all the social icons (note the !important instruction):

#social-facebook { background-color: red!important }
#social-twitter { background-color: brown!important }
What are the defined CSS selectors?
#content-area: Content box surrounding the main text/email area of the form.
#headline: The headline text.
#description: The description text.

#email-collection-box: The form encompassing the email and name inputs.
#name-input: The name input.
#email-input: The email input.
#email-submit-button: The button users click to submit their name and email.
#error-block: Normally hidden box that show error when user enters bad input.
#disclaimer: Disclaimer text.

#social: div encompassing social icons.
#social-facebook: Facebook
#social-google-plus: Google+
#social-instagram: Instagram
#social-linkedin: LinkedIn
#social-pinterest: Pinterest
#social-soundcloud: SoundCloud
#social-twitter: Twitter
#social-youtube: YouTube

#thank-you-section: div encompassing the thank you section.
#thank-you-headline: Headline displayed for thank you screen.
#thank-you-text: Description displayed for thank you screen.

#countdown: The countdown div containing all countdown boxes.
#countdown-days: The countdown 'days' box.
#countdown-hours: The countdown 'hours' box.
#countdown-minutes: The countdown 'minutes' box.
#countdown-seconds: The countdown 'seconds' box.
#initial-section: div encompassing 'normal mode' page contents.
#logo: Logo image.

How to fix logo size on mobile devices?
Try setting the value of either the height or width of the logo to 15% while leaving the other dimension blank. Then tweak the percentage up or down until it looks correct.
How can I choose a solid color background if I've already selected an image?
Simply remove the URL entry in the �Image� text box and save the display settings. When the URL field is blank the background color you have chosen will be displayed.
How can I add a carriage return in the middle of text?
Each text field accepts HTML characters so you can add a break by using <br/>. For instance, to have a sentence display on two lines simple follow the pattern:
this is line 1<br/>this is line 2
What happens if a search engine hits my site while it's in Coming Soon mode?

It depends on the 'Return Code' setting on the Settings Page.

If set to the default of '503', search engines visiting your site will be returned a '503' status with 'retry later' HTTP header when in Coming Soon. This lets search engines know that your site is temporarily down and to come back 24 hours later.

If you have this set to '200' the search engine will think that this is your normal site and index it, potentially replacing your regular site information in the search engine. Because of this, it's recommended that you leave this setting at '503' unless you fully understand the ramifications of switching to '200'.


How can I use a YouTube video for my background?
  1. Go to the YouTube video you want to use.
  2. Copy and the value after the 'v=' in the URL. This is the ID.
  3. Paste the ID into the YouTube ID setting on the Template > Display tab.


Can analytics track the Coming Soon page differently from the Thank You page?

The Coming Soon page and the Thank You page are actually the same page - in one scenario one area of the page is shown and the other hidden and vice versa.

The Coming Soon page does allow you track these two page modes through the use of the javaScript variable 'thankYouDisplayed' as shown below:

// TODO: Put analytics code for both Coming Soon and Thank You modes here
if(thankYouDisplayed) {
   // TODO: Put analytics code for just Thank You mode here
else {
   // TODO: Put analytics code for just Coming Soon mode here
Is the plugin able to perform Google Adwords or Facebook conversion tracking?
Yes it is. Simply put your conversion logic in the 'Thank You' mode analytics area shown in the code blob from the previous question.


Why can't I login to my site?

There is a known incompatibility between the plugin 'Theme My Login' and Coming Soon Page so that could be the issue.

Theme My Login redirects the /wp-admin URL in such a way that Coming Soon Page thinks the login page is a page that should be blocked. To get around this, simply access your admin page using wp-login.php instead of wp-admin.

In other words, use

How do I turn on the Coming Soon page?
Go to Settings > Basic and set Status to On and then save. After that when you access the site from a non-logged in browser the page will display.
Why does the subscribe button not do anything?
There is currently a bug that shows up when you hide the name field when collecting emails. Luckily there’s a simple workaround – ensure you have both the name and email fields both showing. A fix will be coming shortly that will allow you to hide the name field.
Why am I not seeing my Coming Soon Page?
There are a couple common reasons why users haven’t been able to see their page.

Possibility 1: You’re using a browser that’s logged-in
The Coming Soon Page is only shown to visitors who are not logged in. View your site with a different browser type than the one you’re logged in with (i.e. if you’re logged in with Chrome, view the site in Firefox or Internet Explorer or vice-versa).

Possibility 2: You’re running a caching plugin If you are running a caching plugin, go into your caching plugin’s settings area and choose the option ‘delete cache’ or clear cache’.
Why can't I create access keys?
There is a known incompatibility with the Access Keys screen and Internet Explorer. While we work to address this please use another browser when adding keys.
How can I add shortcodes to the page?
You may be able get things working by performing the following:
  • Create a temporary WordPress page (NOT Coming Soon Page)
  • Add the shortcode to that page
  • View or preview that page
  • Right click and view page source in your browser
  • Copy and paste the HTML and JavaScript that the shortcode has generated into your Coming Soon Page
For multisite how can I get other sites to show besides just my main site?
Most likely you have done a ‘network activate’ of the plugin. As of right now the plugin only supports site activation which means you’ll have to activate it separately on each site. Follow these steps:
  1. If already network activated, go to main site and ‘Network Deactivate’ the plugin.
  2. Go to each individual site’s dashboard and ‘activate’ the plugin.
I need to add HTML or CSS but that's beyond my capabilities. Can you help?
We offer a simple paid service that will help people with more advanced CSS and HTML issues. If you are interested in this, please let us know.

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