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Duplicator has an amazing track-record and has been around for over 10+ years. With over 25 million downloads and the highest star rating (4.9 out of 5) of any WordPress migration plugin (in the ratings).

These are just a small sample of all the great reviews...
Just Wow
Done in under 5 minutes? I'm still in shock. It's jawdropping good. Great work guys, I'll be looking in to the pro thing. Not because you need it, but because y'all deserve it! @idml
It just works!
This is my go-to plugin for migration and has been for some time now. It is straight forward and easy to use. @dmcavins
Wow! Amazing! Thank you!
Wow! What an amazing plugin! Works PERFECTLY! Just did a migration from localhost to dev server of 1.4GB! Works like a charm!

Thank you for the amazing plugin! @p4fbradjohnson
Systematic Step by Step Simple to Use
Very helpful plugin for any developer. Quickly move your website between development, quality, production server. @adarshmadrecha
Does exactly what it says it will
This plugin is a breeze to use and works perfectly. I use it to move sites to and from development servers and it couldn't be easier or quicker to complete this task which used to be so time consuming. @nfwro
I have used some other plugins to clone sites, but nothing comes close to how well and how fast this works.

Highly recommend!! Mike Davis
Excellent plugin!
I was slightly apprehensive, having heard all sorts of nightmare stories about WP migration (not regarding this plugin, just generally), and given that I'm not a techie I thought this was asking for trouble. And the first time I tried, sure as eggs is eggs there was an error and the whole thing failed miserably. However, with help from the plugin tech support this was soon resolved, and I'm happy to report my site has now been successfully duplicated.

OK, it wasn't perhaps quite as straightforward 'one-click-job' as I had hoped, but the interactive wizard etc. is simple enough to follow and does hold your hand all the way, and managed to get even a newbie like me through the process which is most impressive. Very pleased with this plugin, thanks guys! :) @robaa
I'll give a 10 star if I had the option
Fast, easy, and painless.

Great plugin! @jerseysng
Plugin is very easy to use and guides you through the process efficiently. Saved me huge amount of time and always worked without any issues. @matijamrkaic
Thank God I made a backup with duplicator!!
You've saved me a lot of time after a server crash. Thank you very much for this great plugin!

Duplicator Pro is in use now and I love it! @grimbixcode
Excellent Resource
I have used Duplicator for a couple of years and have been extremely pleased with the results. The sites have moved flawlessly, saving me time and money. @maniaweb
Painless and brain-free
Painless and brain-free transfer of five sites in a whole lot less time than it would have taken manually. @marjanvenema
Quick & easy
First I tried to migrate the installation manually but that didn't work at all. After a bit of searching I found the Duplicator plugin and it worked at the first try! Thanks a lot for that plugin!

Works first time, all of the time
Having used this plugin regularly for years (migrating sites between servers) I recently had to find an alternate plugin (old server issue). I spend hours looking for something even half as good and eventually gave up. Now I've seen the so called 'competition' I can say with confidence that Duplicator is not just the best, it's the only one worth considering. Bravo! @andyg2
So Easy
This plugin made moving my WordPress site so easy! I can't believe the basic edition is free. It was all I needed. I moved a package of 2.5GB of data without any problems. The only thing I needed to change was the max execution time of scripts. But the simple wizard interface shows a nice warning with explanations etc. Fantastic piece of software. @marcselman
Works all the time
It has worked all the time I've used it without issues. Moving between hosts made easy @rawgsheq
Always Helpful
I've used this a bunch of times. Always works as advertised. @dlsan3000
Simply Astonishing
Last night I spent several hours migrating a large WordPress site to a new host - transferring all the uploads, duplicating the themes and plugins, and using phpmyadmin to export the database tables. And then the tweaks to the database tables and config file to make the new site reference its new location.

Tonight I used Duplicator Pro on a second website on the account. Same size and complexity, but this time it took about 30 minutes and was SO much easier.

I'm sold - from now on i'm going to use Duplicator Pro whenever I need to migrate a site! @ralphmozzi
It works & It's easy
I saw this plugin on forums and I watched a video about it on youtube on WPMarmite channel. And I tried it. It's so easy to use and it works very well.

For your information : To use easily the free version, exclude the wp-content/uploads when you create the package...

Thank you to developers for this awesome plugin @nikko49
Piece of cake
Wonderful piece of software. Makes site migration very easy. It even includes database search and replace functionality for changing the site URL.

Thank you! @linesarefuzzy
Long overdue 5 star rating...
Been using it for years - maybe even coming to 10 years?! The only solution I use to backup and duplicate pages!

Why I Bought Duplicator Pro!
I had a notice from my host that I was using more resources than they were happy with (while I was within my plan range), and was given a 48 hour notice to migrate my site before I'd have my files removed. I'd considered manually migrating and a few other options but Duplicator seemed to fit the bill of what I needed.

5+ Months later and I'm so happy I chose Duplicator, I use it regularly for the sake of making backups and have used it on other sites of mine to transfer or load backups now. It's been flawless every time and takes the headache out of migration.

Thank You for making a great tool and I'm hoping to be a lifelong customer.

Shawn McCauley
My review of Duplicator Pro...
I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with this plugin after transferring my first website. It went flawlessly. As someone who used another plugin for a long time, and experience a ton of frustration with it, I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it was to use Duplicator. It literally couldn't have gone any smoother.

Thank you for creating such a great plugin.

Corey Kretsinger
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