The following features are planned for Duplicator Pro.

Feature Description
Microsoft OneDrive
Q2 2017
Store packages to Microsoft OneDrive.
Licenses: Personal, Freelancer, Business, Gold.
One-Click Install
Q3 2017
During install, database and user are auto-named and created for a mega-fast experience!
Licenses: Freelancer, Business, Gold.
Auto Installer
Q3 2017
Quickly install right from the source machine's dashboard! Composed of two parts:
1) Remotely install package from dashboard.
2) Allows installer.php to install a site without any user interaction.
Licenses: Freelancer, Business, Gold.
MU: Standalone to Subsite
Q4 2017
Take a standalone site and push it into a multi-site.
Licenses: Business, Gold.
MU: Duplicate Subsite
Q4 2017
Copy a subsite and keep within the same multi-site network.
Licenses: Business, Gold.

* Dates are tentative. Feature priority can change due to customer demand so please give feedback below.

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