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Duplicator Pro - Roadmap

The following features are planned for Duplicator Pro.

Feature Description License Status
File Filters Duplicator Pro to enable the "*" file filter when filtering files or folders All 2022
Auto Updates Duplicator Pro to support auto updates of the plugin when new releases come out All 2022
Archive Encryption Duplicator Pro to support archive zip/daf encryption for improved GDPR compliance All 2022
Server to Server Install Quickly install from one server to another - no need to download the package! FL+ 2022

* Dates are tentative. Feature priority can change due to customer demand so please give feedback below. Licenses for "All" includes Personal, Freelancer, Business & Gold licenses. "FL+" includes Freelancer, Business & Gold. "Biz+" includes Business & Gold.

Feature Description License Status
MU: Operations Duplicate Subsites within same MU-Site Biz+ Done
MU: Subsite Import/Export Import/Export archive to same or different MU sites Biz+ Done
MU: Standalone to MU-Subsite
Import a standalone WP site as a subsite Biz+ Done
Managed Host Support Much broader support for managed WordPress hosting, including, WPEngine and several others. All Done
Recovery Points Easily set and then later recover your system through a "Recovery Point". All Done
Streamlined Installer Overhauled two-step installer resulting in very fast installs. All Done
Drag and Drop Install Easily install by dragging/dropping packages from your desktop to the destination machine. All Done

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