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Duplicator Pro - Roadmap

The following features are planned for Duplicator Pro. Please see the change-log for additional details.

Feature Description License Status
Remote Storage
[scheduled 5.1.x]
Additional remote storage endpoints.
Sources still to be determined
All 2023
Stage Blaster
[scheduled 5.x]
Rapidly create staging sites. FL+ 2023
Advanced/Basic Filters UI
[scheduled 4.5.x]
Enhance the folder/file filters to more rapidly include/exclude content All 2023

Dates are tentative based on feature priority; which can changes by customer demand so please give feedback below.

Feature Description License Status
Multisite with multiple domains
[since 4.5.6]
Importing a site to a multisite handles installations with multiple domains All 2022
Full Backblaze Storage
[since 4.5.5]
Backblaze is now fully supported with its own interface All 2022
AES-256 Encryption
[since 4.5.4]
Encrypt the archive with industry level security All 2022
Plugin Auto Updates
[since 4.5.3]
Auto updates of the plugin when new releases come out All 2022
Developer Hooks
[since 4.5.2]
Write custom code to run during various Duplicator Pro events!
See full user guide
All 2022
Server to Server Install
[since 4.5.0]
Install from one server to another - no need to download the package!
See Duplicator Pro ❯ Import ❯ Import Link
All 2022
Multisite: Operations
[since 4.0.6]
Duplicate Subsites within same Multisite Biz+ 2021
Multisite: Subsite Import/Export
[since 4.0.5]
Import/Export archive to same or different Multisites Biz+ 2021
Multisite: Standalone to Subsite
[since 4.0.5]
Import a standalone WordPress site as a subsite Biz+ 2021
Managed Hosting Managed WordPress hosting -, WPEngine, GoDaddy
Full managed hosting list here
All 2020
Recovery Points Recover a backup through a "Recovery Point" All 2020
Streamlined Installer Overhauled two-step installer resulting in very fast installs All 2020
Import Install Quickly drag-n-drop archives from your desktop to the destination host All 2020

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