Duplicator Lite 1.3 Beta RC Now Available!

We are pleased to announce that Duplicator 1.3 Beta is now available...but we need your help. We'd like to see how Duplicator Lite runs in many different environments. Please let us know if you find any quirks with the plugin. This will greatly help with getting it out to the community quickly.


  • More Reliable Package Engine. We're including a new package engine and format that supports sites up to 1 GB reliably. This addresses a large percentage of build problems. Go to Settings > Packages and set Archive Engine to "DupArchive".
  • Many Installer Enhancements. We're including lots of new enhancements in the installer to help users work-flow and increase the overall success rate of making a successful install.
See the table below for the full breakdown of everything in the beta.

Feature Breakdown

Plugin: DupArchive EngineThis is the single largest feature going into 1.3. This new engine format enables the building of larger packages on budget hosts. The DupArchive engine can be turned on in Settings > Packages > Archive Engine.
Installer: Permissions Options (Step 1)Users now have the option to setup the file permissions and folder permissions they would like set at install time.
Installer: Shell Exe Option (Step 1)The option to extract a .zip file using shell exec is now available.
Installer: Config Files (Step 1)Users can prevent the .htaccess and web.config files from getting updated.
Installer: View/Procs Support (Step 2)The option to support view and store procedure creation is now available.
Installer: Cleanup (Step 4)A new option to remove the installer files when you login to the new sites admin pages.
General ImprovementsMany other general fixes and improvements have been made to make this the best Duplicator yet.

We Need Your Feedback!

To get this product released we need your help, please follow these 3 simple steps:

latest stable

1.3.0- RC-1
- Plugin: General Cleanup
- Plugin: Filters bug not filtering on scanner

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