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What exactly is Duplicator?

Duplicator is a WordPress plugin that moves a site between hosts or domains - this includes all plugins, themes, custom content and even the WordPress core files so you get an exact copy of your site. The product also provides backup capability.

The process for moving a site is easy:

  1. Bundle up your site into an 'install package' (a .zip and a .php file)
  2. Copy the two files to a new server
  3. Point your browser to the .php file and follow the simple directions to install the site

With Duplicator Pro you can enhance your experience with a much more powerful tool-set. Checkout the full comparison page for more details.

How does Duplicator work?
Phase 1: Package Creation
The plugin will backup all of your selected files and database tables (that you don't filter/exclude). The Duplicator puts all your selected WordPress files and a scripted copy of your database into a single zip file called an archive and builds an installer file. The installer and archive files are referred to as a package. You can then download the package files to a different location where you can re-install your site.

Phase 2: Site Install
At install-time the following actions happen:
  • Archive Extraction. All WordPress files are extracted from the archive. This includes archive metadata and the database script.
  • Database Creation. The database script is executed to restore the original data in the new database.
  • Database Scrubbing. Every table is processed and the old URLs are replaced with the new ones. Various methods of storage are considered (PHP serialization, JSON, Base64, etc...)
  • Optional Overhead. Duplicator Pro has additional logic that runs such as multisite manipulation.
  • Config File Scrubbing. The wp-config.php is scrubbed for updates to WP defined variables
  • .htaccess set. The .htaccess file is reset for the new location
Will Duplicator work with all my themes and plugins?
In 99% of most cases it will work with your theme and your plugins. However there can be issues at install type where data was not able to port correctly. This is where you will need to read the final report on step 3 of the installer and validate the options that the plugin could not update. If you run into any errors or warnings please read the section directly below.
What is the package size limit?
On 64 bit versions of PHP there is effectively no limit on .zip file size, however the maximum file size supported on 32-bit PHP is 2.1GB. Note that most hosts support 64 bit PHP.

CPU and memory constraints imposed by your host may also limit zip file size by cutting off the build early. Because of this, we developed the DupArchive format to get around these host limitations. When using the DupArchive engine, Duplicator Lite is capable of bundling sites up to 500MB in size, while Duplicator Pro has no size limit outside of the limit imposed by your PHP architecture.
How does Pro differ from the Lite version?
A comparison list of professional vs free can be found on the comparison page. While Pro will continually be improving and adding features, the Lite (free) version of the plugin is not expected to have any new major features except for bug fixes and smaller tweaks. For larger sites Pro also supports shell_exec and Ajax call backs for PHP ZipArchive which allow for larger packages upto 2GB on most servers.

Page Overviews:
How does the Multisite support operate?
Duplicator Lite doesn't support Multisite duplication.

Duplicator Pro includes the following Multisite duplication modes:

1. Full Network Duplication
This allows you to copy/move your entire multisite installation, rather than backing up or moving individual subsites within the network.

For example, If you had a 10 subsite WordPress site, all 10 sites could be moved and restored as a new multisite installation in one shot.

2. Subsite to Standalone
This allows you to install an individual subsite within a Multisite network as a standalone site.

For example, if you had a 10 subsite WordPress site, you can select just one of those sites to restore to be a new standalone site. This process could optionally be repeated 9 more times on different sites to create a total of 10 individual websites from the single multisite install.

Note: Upon install you'll observe that the Duplicator Pro menu appears at the Network level rather than the Admin level as is the case when installing on a standalone site.

Duplicator Pro currently supports the scenarios above for Multisite, however we are continually working to improve the product. For a list of upcoming features and possible time-lines please visit the Duplicator Pro Roadmap which discusses additional Multisite features.
Is my server/host compatible with the Duplicator Pro?
Duplicator Pro works on 99% of all servers, however if your host does not support the plugin for one reason or another we will issue you a prompt refund. All we ask is that you provide the name of the hosting provider that does not support the plugin.

The server requirements for Duplicator are: Note: 99% of all hosting companies will meet these basic requirements. For a full break-down of setup recommendations see the Duplicator Pro recommended hosts page.
Does Duplicator work with PHP 7?
Yes. Both Duplicator Lite and Pro work with PHP 7. Snapcreek runs all its test on PHP 5.2.9+ through PHP 7+. If your running a compatibility checker for PHP 7 then you may get some false notices. These false notices are prevalent because references to items like "mysql_" and "safe_" are present in text but not via run-time references.

Compatibility checkers don't normally process code. They typically scan text for a list of function references that may be at risk. Therefore its possible for false positives to occur. Duplicator has thousands of systems with PHP 7 on them and should work in the vast percentage of most PHP 7 environments. If you happen to run into issues please let us know.
How do I upgrade from Duplicator to Duplicator Pro?
You don't actually upgrade Duplicator since Duplicator Pro is a separate plugin. You'll be sent a link to download Pro after you purchase it. From there you just download the plugin, then upload and activate it on your site. Instructions for how to do this are included in the first email you receive after purchase.



How do I create a account?
Accounts are only created for purchased products such as Duplicator Pro. When you purchase a product and checkout you will be sent an email informing you of a new login which you can use to reset the password, after that you can login to the dashboard for the invoice or manage license information. You can also click on the lost password link to reset your password.
How do I get my invoice/receipt of purchase?
There are two ways to easily get your invoice.

1. Emailed Receipt
  1. After you purchase the product you will receive an email
  2. In the email look for a section "Tax Receipts and Invoices" with a link "tax receipt or invoice"
  3. The link will take you to an "Invoice" page that you fill out
  4. Once filled out click the "Generate Invoice" button to display your invoice
2. Dashboard
  1. Login to the snapcreek dashboard
  2. Click the "Generate Invoice" link
  3. Once filled out click the "Generate Invoice" button to display your invoice

Save As PDF
To save the page as a PDF follow these instructions for Chrome:
  1. Right click on the Invoice page and choose "Print..."
  2. Click the "Change..." button and choose "Save as PDF"
  3. Click the "Save" button to save as PDF
Other Browsers:
Most other browser have similar work-flows. If your not 100% sure on how to generate the PDF for your browser simply Google the answer and there will be dozens of articles for your specific brand and version.
Do I get updates for Duplicator Pro?
Yes! Automatic updates are available free of charge to all users with a valid license key.
Do you have a refund policy for Duplicator Pro?
Yes. We firmly believe in and stand behind our product 100%, but we understand that it cannot work perfectly for everyone all of the time. If you are unhappy with your purchase, or you have an issue that we are unable to resolve that makes the system unusable, we are more than happy to provide a complete refund within 30 days of your original purchase.

What is the quickest way to get refund?
The quickest way to get a refund is to contact us directly. We can issue the refund directly through the merchant services gateway and provide your refund much faster if you contact directly vs trying to contact the merchant provider. Please Open a Ticket Request for a much quicker refund process.
A few conditions:
  • If you run into technical issues please allow us to adequately try and assist you. If we are unable to resolve the issue, we will promptly provide a refund. Please open a support ticket before requesting a refund for a technical issue.
  • Refunds may only be issued within 30 days of the purchase date. After 30 days refunds cannot easily be processed. Please be sure to test and use the plugin upon purchase.
Do you offer support if I need help?
Yes! We offer professional customer support and we understand the lifetime value of a customer. We will do our very best to resolve any issues you encounter via our ticket system. The ticket support system is monitored during US daytime hours Monday thru Friday and we typically get back to people within 24 hours. Please Note: We currently we do not offer phone support.

For Duplicator Lite we offer limited ticket support which is always prioritized behind Pro users. Response times can vary from 1-5 business days for Lite. If you need immediate support for Duplicator Lite we recommend checking out our Duplicator Lite support section.
How can I cancel my subscription?
Depending on the merchant type cancelling a subscription has a few different paths. Please choose the payment type below that was used to purchase the product. If your not sure please contact us and we will let you know.

Licensing Pro Only

How do site licenses work?

When you purchase a product it comes with one license key that can be activated on 3/15/unlimited  WordPress websites at a time, depending on the product (Personal 3 | Freelancer 15 | Business unlimited).

Example 1:
If you bought the Personal product with 3 licenses then you can use the plugin on 3 WordPress websites at a time. If you uninstall the plugin from one site you can easily install it on another and still retain your license count.

Example 2:
You purchase the Freelancer plan and have 15 sites with the plugin installed - if you want to install a 16th site you can uninstall on one of your existing sites and move the license to another or upgrade to a higher level plan before installing on the new site.

In the event you purge a site before being able to uninstall the plugin you can login to the dashboard (you receive credentials on purchase) and deactivate the license that way as well.


Multi Support Contacts
When a license is purchased it is intended for the use of the purchaser or a single delegate of the purchaser such as a developer/admin. This means if you buy the business license you are allowed to install it on any number of web-sites. However, for support issues only the purchaser or single delegate can contact support for questions. Users cannot install the site on their clients web-sites and allow the clients to contact support.

Also See:
» Terms and Conditions
Where do I find my license key & activate it?
When you purchase a product (Personal, Freelancer, Business) you will receive an email with your license key. Be sure to check your spam folder if you don't receive an email within a few minutes of purchase.

You can also get your license key(s) by logging into your dashboard. The user-name will be the e-mail you used to purchase the product. If your unable to retrieve your password at login please contact support.

Activation is very simple.
  1. Download, install and activate the plugin from your purchase email link or from your dashboard.
  2. Goto: Duplicator Pro ❯ Settings ❯ Licensing ❯ Enter your key and click activate.
Do I need to renew my license?
Your license key is valid for one year from the purchase date. An active license key is needed for continued access to automatic updates, security patches, bug fixes, new features and support. If you renew your license each year you’ll receive a huge 40% discount off the current price!

If you forget to renew the plugin it will continue to work, however you will be missing out on important updates that will keep the plugin in-sync with the current WordPress version. You will also loose access for any support should you run into any issue.
Can I upgrade my license?
License upgrades are seamless and easy to apply. The cost of upgrade is equal to the price of the new license minus the price of your existing license. For example: if you bought Duplicator Pro Personal for $49 and want to upgrade to Freelancer $79 then your upgrade cast would be $30.

To upgrade, just follow these steps:
  1. Login to your dashboard
  2. Goto: Purchases tab ❯ 'View Licenses' link
  3. Upgrades ❯ 'View Upgrades' link
  4. Actions ❯ 'Upgrade License' link
  5. This will take you to a checkout screen were you can finalize the transaction.
    Note: When upgrading to a different version the billing will automatically get handled for you.
  6. In your WordPress Admin: Go to Duplicator Pro ❯ Settings ❯ Licensing. This will retrieve the license level from our server so you should see information that describes the level which you just upgraded to.
If you run into any issues with the checkout or upgade simply submit a help ticket with any details and we will make sure your taken care of properly.
How can I free up a license?
If you no longer want the product installed on a WordPress site use one of the following methods to free up it's license:

1. Uninstall the plugin


2. Manually deactivate the license via the Settings/Licensing screen on the server the plugin is installed on


3. Remove the website via your dashboard on A link and login to the dashboard are sent upon purchase


Will Duplicator Pro resolve "Build Interrupt" errors found in the Lite version?
In many cases the answer is yes, however it really depends on your servers capabilities and the overall size of your package. If your trying to backup a 10GB site on a budget host the chances will be much lower that the servers specs can handle it, without adding directory exclusion filters.

However if your using a higher end server or VPS where you have more flexibility and control of the servers settings then we have seen large packages over 8GB build without issues.

Remember we do have a full 30 day money-back guarantee should the product not meet your needs.
Can I save my website copy to my own server using your system?
Yes! Using the default storage, the website will be backed up to a specific location on your site. In Duplicator Lite this will always be in a folder titled wp-snapshots. In Pro this value is dynamic and can be changed to user definable areas of the same server for storage.
How frequently can I schedule a backup for a given site?
This feature is only available in Pro. Schedules can be setup as frequently as you want. Scheduling in Duplicator is very straight forward. No complicated configuration screens. Duplicator supports the creation of multiple schedules by either Day, Week or Month. If you would like to backup your site several times per day you can do this by creating multiple daily schedules.
Duplicator Pro lets you change more WP-Config settings than Duplicator. What are these settings?
The Duplicator Pro Installer allows you to set the following in the destination site's wp-config.php file:

Posts / Pages
  • Theme Editor Enable/Disable
  • Autosave Interval
  • Post Revisions
  • SSL Enforce on Admin
  • Generate New Unique SALTS and Authentication Keys
  • Core Auto-Update Control
System / General
  • Cache Control
  • WP Debug Enable/Disable
  • WP Debug Log Enable/Disable
  • WP Debug Display Enable/Disable
  • Script Debug Enable/Disable
  • Save Database Queries Enable/Disable
  • Cookie Domain
  • Memory Limit
  • Max Memory Limit
Check out the Duplicator Pro homepage for a description of all the features of Duplicator Pro.