Change Log

[2018-9-15] Latest-Stable

- Plugin: Improved cleanup of leftover installer files



- Installer: ZipArchive chunking speed improvement
- Installer: Fix when overwriting sites with read-only files
- Installer: Improved wording on step 4 to more strenuously recommend one clean up installer files after install
- Plugin: JavaScript fix on Settings > Packages > Advanced
- Plugin: Ensure old style SQL generated by server uses 'ENGINE=' rather than 'TYPE='
- Plugin: Proper size warning for packages > 2.1 GB on 32 bit PHP systems
- Plugin: Misc. minor fixes
- Installer: Defaults to ZipArchive chunking for zip-based packages
- Plugin/Installer: Password hashing


- Plugin: Renabled features from 3.7.5 that were temporarily removed in


- Plugin: Fixed scan error that was popping up on some machines



- Installer: Network Admin added to all sites on multisite
- Plugin: PHP Multithreaded DB mode fix
- Plugin: Cleaning up tables when migrating a multisite subsite->standalone
- Plugin: Chunking scanner mode added (experimental)
- Plugin: Removal of anonymous functions
- Installer: Multisite subsite->standalone new option to only include active plugins/themes in new site
- Plugin: Drag and Drop functionality improved and promoted to Beta
- Plugin: Dropbox, (S)FTP, S3, Google Drive, OneDrive connectivity tests improved


- Installer: Fixed issue that prevented permissions changes from occurring
- Installer: ZipArchive Chunking extraction issue fixed that prevented package builds on newly installed site.
- Plugin: Fix for edge case that caused PHP Multithreaded to be database engine when MySQLDump was chosen



- Installer: Fixes for edge case replace path params on step 3 (i.e. /www/ path)
- Installer: New scan file format
- Installer: New file structure for improved security
- Plugin: OneDrive test button logic improved
- Plugin: Fixed issue when reauthozing a OneDrive Business endpoint as Personal
- Installer: Warn on install in a subdirectory of a Wordfence-equipped site
- Installer: Auto-disable Really Simple SSL when installing to http location
- Installer: New option to regenerate keys and salts of installed site (Freelancer/Business/Gold)
- Installer: Large archive file check for 32 bit PHP
- Plugin: Option to purge plugin records when local packages removed


- Plugin: Preventing errors displaying when mysql paths not present
- Plugin: Fixed schedule archive mode bug
- Plugin: Fixed upgrade bug that would clear auth password
- Installer: Fixed Multisite subdomain install timeouts


- Plugin: Fixed installer load failure when installing multisite on PHP 5.2



- Installer: New notice checks on step 1 (Archieve Installed, Overwrite mode, Database Only).
- Plugin: Fix for FTP path issue.
- Plugin: Multisite subdomain fixed when including domains other than the main domain.
- Plugin: Improved package verification for OneDrive, S3, and Dropbox.



- Plugin: Generated SQL now uses bulk inserts which improves installation speed.
- Installer: Fix applied to properly handle recursive objects.
- Plugin: Auto setting of AJAX setting upon install.


- Plugin: Fixed bug preventing systems running PHP 5.5 and below from creating a storage endpoint.


- Plugin: Fixed bug introduced in 3.7.1 that was preventing schedules from properly running in certain configurations.



- Plugin: OneDrive for Business support added.
- Plugin: Combined build engine into a single setting. Previously was one entry for manual and one for schedule.
- Installer: Now supports "SQL Streaming" which helps installer process very large databases.
- Plugin: Bug fixed in PHP chunking mode that would appear on CPU limited machines.
- Installer: Bug fixed involving errors restoring stored procs using different account than used in source database.


- Installer: Fixed issue where the update engine wasn't working properly in certain rare scenarios.



- Plugin: Added OneDrive support
- Plugin: Templates menu has been moved to be a tab of the Tools menu
- Installer: Fixed installer hang issue due to API changes in PHP 7.2 - Plugin: Changed a few items to prevent warnings on PHP 7.2
- Plugin: Decreased default worker time to 14 seconds to increase package engine reliability
Duplicator 1.3 Beta is here! Check it out now!
The (1.2.*developer/beta version) can be downloaded here. Patterns with even numbers are the release line and odd numbers the development line.



[Download Developer Version]
[2018-9-20] Latest-Stable


[Download 1.2.46]
- Plugin: Improve the installer file cleanup messages
- Installer: Improve installer file name hashes
- Installer: Improve help messages


[Download 1.2.44]
- Plugin: Improved uninstall process for table removal
- Installer: Server details dialog link merged into version info in top navigation
- Installer: Step 4 improved install file cleanup message for removing files
- Installer: General messaging cleanup through the various screens



[Download 1.2.42]
- Installer: Password feature for accessing the installer.php
- Plugin: Fix for mysqldump with open_basedir enabled
- Plugin: Update parsley lib to 2.3.5
- Plugin: Updates to about section
- Installer: Improve messages for database connection issues
- Installer: Improve messages on Step 4 for file cleanup
- Installer: Security updates for form inputs.
Note: This is only an issue if installer files are left on the server. As we have always recommended, users should remove all installer files when completed by logging into the WordPress admin and following the remove prompts! Reported by Synacktiv.



[Download 1.2.40]
- Plugin: New link for Beta 1.3 download on build interrupt screen
- General: A few wording updates

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New: A new feature or process implemented in this release.