Change Log

Please see the roadmap for a list of upcoming features. (2017-1-13)

– New: Install a Multisite subsite as a standalone site with Business/Gold license. License upgrade available from Dashboard.
– Fix: Addressed missing files in Google library
– Fix: Got away from using DirectoryIterator since it caused problems on some older systems
– Fix: Removed debug text shown on packages screen introduced in 3.3.0

3.2.2 (2016-12-23)

– New: UI consolidation and alignment with Lite
– Fix: Permissions issues with installer
– Fix: DbDelta query update for creating packages table

3.2.1 (2016-12-20)

– New: Installer MySQL mode to support setting modes at install time
– New: Installer UI improvements
– New: Added scanner check for Add On WordPress sites
– New: Minor checks to help resolve problems building
– Fix: Harden security when copying web server config files

3.2.0 (2016-12-9)

-New: Added ability to import/export plugin settings (Settings > Tools > Data)
-Fix: Fixed Installer redirect and permissions issues
-Fix: Removed license key on Tools > Diagnostics tab when hiding key on Licensing tab
-Fix: Small UI improvements

3.1.1 (2016-11-28)

-New: Added ability to hide license key.
-New: Added ‘clear’ option to build error notification box.
-Fix: Addressed problem of loading installer on machines that didn’t have timezone set.

3.1.0 (2016-11-19)

-New: Overhauled installer. Users shouldn’t notice a difference in operation but allows us to add upcoming features more easily.

3.0.17 (2016-10-04)

-Fix: FTP transfer made more robust against timing problems
-Fix: Extra validity checks added for FTP transfer
-Fix: License problems reported more accurately

3.0.16 (2016-09-06)

-New: Added ability to turn off compression on Shell Exec Zip for faster building (also more reliable on certain servers)
-New: Extra warnings added to scan
-Fix: Root filter will no longer add files from root (bug introduced in 3.0.15.x)
-Fix: Logic to clean up orphans left behind by cancelled packages without default storage
-Fix: ZipArchive Single Threaded mode build timeout now works (2016-08-22)

-Fix: Fixed bug present when root path was in filter for ZipArchive engine (was including too many files) (2016-08-09)

-Fix: Addressed bug with activation that caused problems on admin dashboard for some people

3.0.15 (2016-08-08)

-New: Full file listing now present in archives (dp.json file)
-Fix: Improved support for non-ASCII characters in filenames when using ZipArchive
-Fix: Ability to filter directory links
-Fix: Improved Scan speed when using directory filters
-Fix: Preventing multiple fix recommendations from appearing when configuration not correct

3.0.14 (2016-07-26)

– New: Slight tweaks to installer UI
– Fix: Packages created by schedules now include version information
– Fix: Clearing/backing up .user.ini on restore to prevent problems with WordFence (2016-07-14)

– Change: Tweaked logic to prevent WordFence from throwing a false positive in their malware scan.
– New: Added clock to packages screen (2016-07-07)

– Fix: Fixed bug that prevented schedules and storage endpoints from properly saving

3.0.13 (2016-07-05)

– New: Displays recommended fixes when build fails due to misconfiguration
– Fix: Made ZipArchive engine more robust
– Fix: Serialization fix for plugins storing certain JSON structures

3.0.12 (2016-06-16)

– New: Package age now shown in details
– New: Auto-delete of settings and packages unchecked by default
– New: Installer full-text search enabled by default
– Fix: Archive consistency checks improved
– Fix: Amazon S3 multipart check fixed

3.0.11 (2016-06-10)

– Fix: Improved build integrity check for archive file
– Fix: Small PHP 7 compatibility fixes
– Fix: Multisite notice messages corrected
– Fix: Installer will now search and update url encoded strings
– New: Flag to skip IIS and .htaccess file updates for advanced users

The hot fix line is tagged “Development Version” under Other Versions on the Developer section at The release version will follow the partner where even numbers are in the release line and odd numbers are part of testing development line.

1.1.28 (Dev Line)

– New: UI consolidation and alignment with Pro
– New: Internal controller interface for system testing
– New: Updated scan validation tool to use Ajax

1.1.26 (2016-12-18)

– New: Link updates and UI improvements for installer
– New: Support and test hardening for WP 4.7
– Fix: Harden security when copying web server config files

1.1.24 (2016-11-29)

– Fix: Package Scanner PHP 5.2 error with array_replace
– Fix: Moving links from to
– New: Tools diagnostics scan validator utility for symlink detection

1.1.22 (2016-11-22)

– Fix: Plugin activation and dbDelta compatibility errors
– Fix: Package Scanner issues Warning: array_count_values(): Can only count STRING and INTEGER values!
– Fix: Package Scanner issues with symlinks causing scanner to timeout via recursion

1.1.20 (2016-10-30)

– New: Packages create new link at end of build
– New: Installer advanced option support for mysql_mode with Default, Disable and Custom settings
– Fix: Installer wp-config.php var PATH_CURRENT_SITE trailing slashes were getting reset
– Fix: Installer prevent wp-config.php file from writing zero byte file if not found in
– Fix: Installer deploy errors report color code to green/red fixed
– Fix: Installer improved logging for unreadable files and directories during zipping

1.1.18 (2016-10-9)

– New: Requirements check changed “Permission” to “Required Paths” to skip force check on root path
– New: Improved checks for sql_mode and issues with NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION
– Fix: UI issue with WPML plugin
– Fix: UI fix on logging page
– Fix: Improved scanner validation message to continue on warnings
– Fix: Removed Perks and associated product links

1.1.16 (2016-8-18)

– Fix: Prevent scanner from returning blank screen on bad scans
– Fix: Display fix for top buttons on minimized screens
– Fix: Improved primary key check for installer during step 2
– Fix: Installer test connection ‘This Server:’ improved feedback status
– Fix: Added backing of up of .user.ini.bak for Wordfence support
– Fix: Installer requirements cleanup and removed @ suppression when loading database file
– New: Improved support for wp-config.php outside of root directory with define override

1.1.14 (2016-7-05)

– Fix: Installer improved search and replace items for update engine
– Fix: Color adjustment for MySQL version comparison on test connection
– New: Font Awesome 4.6 update
– New: Perks and deals page

1.1.12 (2016-6-20)

– Fix: Installer issue on MAC with step1 confirm checkbox not checkable
– New: Installer database compatibility checks for versions

1.1.10 (2016-06-10)

– Fix: Installer now searches on url encoded strings and will search and update values
– Fix: Language Strings for cleanup screen
– Fix: Validated notice message are gone in installer
– New: Improved Scanner to support table name case, size and row detection

1.1.8 (2016-5-31)

– Fix: Removed legacy localization with
– Fix: Allow archiving of unicode files
– Fix: Warning for invalid directory handle in function get_zip_files
– Fix: Config file wp-config.php fix for DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE parse update
– Fix: Installer — check if wp-config.php exists
– Fix: Installer — update step2 process only cells with direct matches (20% performance increase)
– New: Installer — Message detection for non-ascii db connection string inputs
– New: Installer — Parsley lib updated to 2.3.5

1.1.6 (2016-3-27)

– Fix: For notice message in package view.
– Fix: Cleaner visual layout for package create new screen
– Fix: Installer checks for writable wp-config.php before updating
– Fix: Installer handles variable named constants for WP_HOME and WP_SITEURL

1.1.4 (2016-2-09)

– Fix: Security patch for CSRF by RatioSec.
– New: Details for version info on PHP, WP and Database.

1.1.2 (2016-1-28)

– New: Separate Details page to provide more package details.
– New: Update to font-awesome 4.5.
– Fix: Delete reserved files cleanup message is more clear.
– Fix: Language files were broken with last release

1.1.0 (2015-12-9)

– Pulling Beta Status: After 4 years in beta moving to a 1.x status. Moving from 0.5.34 to 1.1 since beta lasted so long

Why the large jump in versions? Many authors just start out at 1.0 when releasing a plugin. In order to not give
brand new users an impression that the plugin just came out we have adjusted it to a 1.1 release.

– New: JSON link in scanner for quick viewing
– New: Compatibility mode for mysqldump options
– Update: Error log cleanup code forum thread
– Update: F5 Refresh on scanner page caused lose of form data
– Update: language file slug from ‘wpduplicator’ to ‘duplicator’ per wp-team
– Update: Improve build status message
– Update: Product logo and new svg logo integration
– Update: Visual fixes for WorpPress 4.4
– Fix: Scan Warning: array_count_values(): Can only count STRING and INTEGER
– Fix: Windows XP issues with glob(*.zip) on installer added secondary check

For a list of previous change logs see the legacy changelog history.

Fix: A bug or process that is updated to address a possible system issue.
New: A new feature or process implemented in this release.