Change Log


-Plugin: Fixed installer/package download link handling.
-Installer: Non-standard port fix.
-Installer: Fixed handling of WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE
-Installer: Fixed handling of WP_DEBUG_LOG.


-Installer: More parameters supported in installer
-Installer: Improvement in UI organization of installer
-Installer: Lots of structural improvements for better support for managed hosting and non-standard WordPress installs
-Installer: New option to base wp-config.php on newly installed site on wp-config-sample.php
-Plugin: UI tweaks needed for WordPress 5.3
-Plugin: Proper error message when building package > 2.1GB on a 32-bit PHP system
-Plugin: OneDrive fix
-Plugin: Legacy collation and charset fallback logic improved
-Plugin: Added detection for ability to capture stored procedures
-Installer: Fix for multisite install when domain contains more than 3 parts
-Installer: Fixed bug where archive would sometimes not be deleted after install
-Installer: Proper error message when attempting to install on a 5.2-based system



3.8.6 Pulled due to newly introduced bug.


-Installer: Amount logged from database operations reduced
-Installer: Empty search/replace strings properly handled
-Installer: WP Bakery plugin can be activated in the event auto-deactivation causes problems for other plugins



-Plugin/Installer: Support for Liquid Wed Managed WordPress hosting
-Plugin: Improvement in Quick filter design and usability
-Plugin: Option to unhook javascript from other plugins in admin to prevent conflicts
-Plugin: Update OneDrive library to use Graph API instead of older Live SDK
-Installer: Highlighting differences in name of archive when wrong archive used
-Installer: Added new managed wp-config.php defines on step 3
-Installer: Improved plugin selector interface
-Installer: New files folder added to contain configuration files from original website
-Plugin: Fixed DupArchive package getting stuck at 65%
-Plugin: Improved DB Validation
-Plugin: A Package download button is disabled in HomeStead
-Plugin: Misc multisite to standalone issues
-Plugin: Fixed table doesn't exist error
-Plugin: GoogleDrive test failed in certain machines
-Plugin: ZipArchive Package mode produces erroneous package in the HomeStead Environment
-Plugin: Onedrive not purging packages when installer has non standard name
-Plugin: Display correct error message for memory error on package creation
-Plugin: Fixed timezone related issue - Third Party plugin conflict
-Plugin: Reworked recursive adding of directories for installer files in ziparchive mode
-Plugin: Fixed Ui stickiness issue on Packages Detail Page
-Plugin: Fixed fatal error on PHP 5.2.9
-Plugin: Archive creation time reset to back to local
-Plugin: Database logging fix
-Plugin: Excluding some sites on mu packages created with php sql mode creates bad sql file
-Installer: Overhauled Installer internal design to enable upcoming features
-Installer: WPBakey page builder auto deactivated after migration to prevent post-migration issue
-Installer: Popup Maker plugin auto deactivated to prevent post-migration issue
-Installer: WP Force SSL plugin auto deactivated to prevent post-imgration issue


-Plugin: Fix for OneDrive Business token expiring in 90 days
-Plugin: Excluding .opcache folder when building package
-Plugin: Host throttle timing fix
-Installer: Fixed bug where WP_Debug and other wp-config.php values auto turned-on



-Plugin: Comments now supported on filters
-Plugin: Added confirm checkbox on scan warnings
-Plugin: DupArchive auto-selected when on GoDaddy
-Plugin: Option to clear all packages and settings on uninstall
-Plugin: Memory improvements
-Plugin: Encryption of storage, other fields in secure global now optional, based on a setting
-Plugin: Chunking My SQL Dump on package build and installer
-Plugin: Delete default local file delete logic rewritten (delete_default_local_files)
-Plugin: Changed to only to allow network activation when running on multisite
-Plugin: Orphaned package files changed
-Plugin: Many changes made to package entity
-Plugin: Fixed bug involving database password setting in config
-Plugin: Out-of-the box support for WPEngine
-Plugin: Fix to FTP transfer
-Plugin: Obscure database connection data in lightbox
-Plugin: Build button disabled when package in canceling state
-Plugin: Ability to copy from current manual package configuration to template
-Plugin: When database only package created, show nothing to filter on build
-Plugin: Fix to Google Drive/FTP test and Google sending
-Plugin: Throttle logic/values changed
-Plugin: mysql dump size option in package creation
-Plugin: duplicator force network activation if is wpmu installation
-Plugin: fixed subsite filter bug on wpmu installation
-Plugin: Imrove LOG in package creation
-Plugin: fix bug when much table are excluded in package creation
-Plugin: Plugin: clear all package button added
-Plugin: Multisite table filter fixed
-Installer: Styling fixes
-Installer: Normalize domain when www used
-Installer: Config transformer fix that affected JavaScript?
-Installer: Tweaks to dawn status handling
-Installer: Improved logging
-Installer: Max serialized object length now an input option
-Installer: Local by flywheel/ Ngrok URL fix
-Installer: New favicon
-Installer: Reduced size by moving out crypt stuff
-Installer: Hide passwords with show/hide button
-Installer: Fixed problem involving non writeable files
-Installer: UI change related to GTID check
-Installer: Setting file permissions logic changed
-Installer: WP_CONTENT_URL update in wp-config.php bug fix
-Installer: no permission file check don't block the installer
-Instalelr: normalized www and non www old url
-Installer: now db chunking is enabled for mysql dump packages
-Installer: improve php notice log in bootstrap
-Installer: fixed plugin and themer remove when deactivated and remove rendundant option is enable.
-Installer: fix SO 32bit check


-Installer: Defaulting to SQL Chunking.


-Plugin: Fixed settings being reset.
IMPORTANT: If you had previously upgraded to, please review your settings (Schedule > Build email settings in particular).


-Plugin: Fixed setting of lock type on install
-Plugin: Fixed package creation in InstantWP
-Plugin: Including addhandler lines in generated htaccess when present in old htaccess
-Plugin: Using longtext instead of blob type for package field
-Installer: Blogs table update in multisite
-Installer: improved error handling


Serious bug appeared on some machines so withdrew this version.



-Plugin: When clientside kickoff checked, mysqldump->checked if available,set to duparchive if ziparchive checked
-Installer: S3 chunking mode option added
-Installer: File notices report improved
-Installer: Diff of .htaccess and wp-config.php shown on final migration report
-Plugin: Global limits and optimize tree on scan
-Plugin: Show proper error when FTP support not enabled in PHP
-Plugin: Fontawesome tweaks
-Plugin: Fixed bug involving storing directories with unicode characters when using ZipArchive
-Installer: Errors shown when someone wrong with wp-config.php transformer
-Installer: Serialization warning notices shown on step 4
-Installer: UTF-8 database passwords now supported
-Installer: Store CSRF token in encrypted cookie
-Installer: Fixed warning that popped up when dropping tables
-Installer: More information added to log
-Installer: On subsite->standalone removed multisite related defines in wp-config.php
-Installer: URL replacement engine fix
-Installer: Fixed invalid request made on step 1 when 2 installers executed
-Installer: Fixed issue with database password bug with escaped double quotes
-Installer: Lightbox for help log fixed
-Installer: Fixed access denied database exception


-Plugin: Fixed trace log when remote port not set
-Installer: Fixed bug involving database passwords with quotes or utf8 characters
-Installer: Tweaks to some UI elements using Fontawesome 5


-Plugin: Fixed issue where site migrated from HTTP->HTTPS sites couldn't kick off package build
-Plugin: Fixed error that popped up with PHP 5.3 when notice needed to be displayed
-Plugin: Fixed FTP file size check for large files
-Installer: Fixed legacy collation fallback errors
-Installer: Adjusted/fixed row count warning
-Installer: Fixed problem restoring sites when ZipArchive not enabled
-Installer: Fixed issue where transferring from Step 4 went to forbidden page
-Installer: Fixed problem where packages created on couldn't be installed properly
-Installer: Can change url of main site in multisite mapping



-Plugin: Upgraded to Font Awesome v5
-Plugin: Can now skip warning scan on package creation (Settings > Packages > Advanced Settings)
-Plugin: Scan logic improved
-Plugin: CSS for status in schedule list fixed
-Plugin: EXE: SQL chunking code improved
-Plugin: Minor fix to profiling code
-Plugin: Fixed HTML tags showing up on Scan > Wordpress warn when running personal
-Plugin: Added missing exception class to google library
-Plugin: Installer step 2 javascript errors fixed
-Plugin: New features button javascript fix
-Plugin: Added localizable strings
-Plugin: Fixed warning notices showing when some users created package
-Plugin: Serialization fix related to how All In One Security and Firewall plugin stores data
-Plugin: New search/replace mapping engine implemented for multisite
-Plugin: Better input validation on package creation
-Plugin: Fixed memory setting issue under windows (test full end to end using php 5.4)
-Plugin: Snaplib prefixes added
-Plugin: Security added to dropbox, google drive, onedrive s3, sftp
-Installer: Fixed mapping mode when mapping main subdir to a subdir with an extra dir (e.g. test.local/t)
-Installer: Step 3 MySQLi query check
-Installer: Mac reformatted archive support
-Installer: Archives over 2.1GB on windows show proper error message that we can't extract them
-Installer: Multisite subdomain migration overhauled
-Installer: Fixed processing of wp-config.php files without newline characters


- Installer: Added checkbox for swapping email domain
- Misc small fixes


- Plugin: Fix for scan issues showing up on a few machines
- Installer: Fixed security issues with package processing (Thanks Marco at
- Installer: Removal of extra table present introduced in WordPRess 5.1 (applies to Multisite subsite->standalone)


- Plugin: Removed plugin.ini from dup-installer directory. Was creating problems on a small number of machines
- Plugin: Fixed JSON encoding on scan that caused issue on a few machines
- Installer: Minor fix in wp-config.php processing



- Plugin: Enhanced quick filter controls
- Plugin: Missing validation on TLS connections fix (affects Google Drive, OneDrive, S3, Dropbox)
- Plugin: Fixed edge case fatal installer error
- Plugin: Copy link added to schedules, templates and storage entities
- Plugin: Quick fix popups more apparent
- Plugin: Installer file cleanup improved
- Plugin: SQL Locks now default
- Plugin: Small FTP fix
- Installer: Errors now logged to dup-installer/error_log.txt
- Installer: Improved exception handling
- Installer: Improvements to config transformer
- Installer: Proper error handling if folder named ':' exists
- Installer: Improvements to update engine
- Installer: Installer no longer checking permission for all files/folders when db overwrite occurs
- Installer: Efficiency, no longer doing search/replace on other subsites when doing subsite->standalone


- Installer: Fixed Quick filter not working properly on some machines
- Installer: Fixed Scan erroring out on some machines
- Installer: Fixed improper behavior when downloading installer


- Installer: Fixed debug flag getting turned on when site migrated
- Installer: Fixed problem migrating a multisite when NOBLOGREDIRECT defined in wp-config
- Installer: Fixes covering an SFTP edge case



- Plugin: Wasabi and Digital Ocean storage support (Set region URL on an S3 endpoint)
- Plugin: S3 chunk size now configurable
- Plugin: Non-standard locations of wp-config.php and wp-content supported
- Installer: Ability to change almost all settings in wp-config.php
- Installer: No longer removing default theme when migrate only active themes and plugins shown
- Installer: WPCACHEHOME path should be replaced if keep cache home path ticket
- Installer: SQL insertion made more memory efficient
- Installer: Fix for wp-config.php constants not getting replaced properly on windows
- Installer: Setting system into maintenance mode when installing
- Installer: Cookie domain restricted to installer domain
- Installer: Fixed edge case issue related to installing a package from SSL site to a non-SSL site
- Installer: Resetting lock type when installing on new server
- Installer: Migrate only active themes and plugins fixed for overwrite mode
- Installer: Replacing WP_SITEURL and WP_HOME in wp-config.php with values from database
- Installer: Large package support for 32 bit PHP systems that have manually extracted on Windows or Mac
- Installer: Help icons fixed
- Installer: Fixed search/replace engine bugs
- Plugin: Security holes patched
- Plugin: Deleted storages no longer cause schedule to fail
- Plugin: Fixed bug preventing build when all db tables excluded
- Plugin: No longer allow setting secondary local storage to wp-content, uploads, or wp-admin because of filtering issue
- Plugin: Shell exec zip fixed for Mac
- Plugin: OneDrive fix for PHP 7.1 when curl_setopt_array() not defined
- Plugin: Importing settings when OneDrive Business fixed
- Plugin: Improvements to quick filter operation
- Plugin: Options to allow for deletion of tables and packages on uninstall
- Plugin: Root directory no longer selectable on quick fillters
- Plugin: Oneclick download fixed in MAMP Safari
- Plugin: Transients deleted in multithreaded db install
- Plugin: Dropbox timeout increased
- Plugin: Schedules now showing requirements failed error
- Plugin: Master subsite -> standalone fixed
- Plugin: Fixed build issue caused by caching on some servers
- Plugin: Package list page more memory efficient
- Plugin: Symbolic links now getting correctly filtered when added to filtered directories box


- Installer: Search/replace engine timeout fix
- Installer: Manual extract install fixed
- Installer: Recalculate the lock type on install - directly addresses problems migrating to LiteSpeed servers
- Installer: Fix for machines that don't define the REQUEST_URI server variable
- Installer: Cleanup routines on db install
- Installer: Really simple ssl disabled on install
- Installer: Partial revamping of replacement engine
- Plugin: Dropbox timeout fix
- Plugin: Import onedrive business settings fixed



- Installer: Overwrite on nginx fix (directories that begin with .)
- Installer: Update engine improvement for https and other
- Installer: Extractor works even when warning present
- Installer: When fail and go back % will resume properly
- Installer: Proper reporting of permissions problems in overwrite mode
- Plugin: Renamed/trimmed third party storage libraries to decrease plugin size and eliminate conflicts with other plugins
- Plugin: Fixed brand links on multisite
- Plugin: Build percentage improved during database capture step
- Plugin: New fields for wp admin/network admin
- Plugin: Subsite->standalone correct site name
- Plugin: Database percentage on package build
- Plugin: Cache directory auto filtered
- Plugin: Init table logic made more standard
- Plugin: Multisite blogname named properly
- Plugin: OneDrive business bug fixed


- Plugin: Fixed file/sql lock check


- Plugin: Improvement to build efficiency



- Installer: Fix when installing on NGINX https
- Installer: Database update engine fix
- Installer: Database passwords fix
- Plugin: Defaulting to PHP multithreaded for database creation
- Plugin: Copy Installer log to backups-dup-pro/installer on cleanup
- Plugin: Define sanitize functions for compatibility with pre 4.7 Wordpress
- Plugin: Extra validation of s3 transfer
- Plugin: Added validation to php mulithreaded database



- Installer: Many security fixes: Escaping, sanitizing, addition of nonces
- Plugin: Fix to MySQL generation when capitalization used in table names
- Plugin: Many security fixes: Escaping, sanitizing, addition of nonces
- Plugin: Proper hiding of license key


- Plugin: Improved cleanup of leftover installer files



- Installer: ZipArchive chunking speed improvement
- Installer: Fix when overwriting sites with read-only files
- Installer: Improved wording on step 4 to more strenuously recommend one clean up installer files after install
- Plugin: JavaScript fix on Settings > Packages > Advanced
- Plugin: Ensure old style SQL generated by server uses 'ENGINE=' rather than 'TYPE='
- Plugin: Proper size warning for packages > 2.1 GB on 32 bit PHP systems
- Plugin: Misc. minor fixes
- Installer: Defaults to ZipArchive chunking for zip-based packages
- Plugin/Installer: Password hashing


- Plugin: Renabled features from 3.7.5 that were temporarily removed in


- Plugin: Fixed scan error that was popping up on some machines



- Installer: Network Admin added to all sites on multisite
- Plugin: PHP Multithreaded DB mode fix
- Plugin: Cleaning up tables when migrating a multisite subsite->standalone
- Plugin: Chunking scanner mode added (experimental)
- Plugin: Removal of anonymous functions
- Installer: Multisite subsite->standalone new option to only include active plugins/themes in new site
- Plugin: Drag and Drop functionality improved and promoted to Beta
- Plugin: Dropbox, (S)FTP, S3, Google Drive, OneDrive connectivity tests improved


- Installer: Fixed issue that prevented permissions changes from occurring
- Installer: ZipArchive Chunking extraction issue fixed that prevented package builds on newly installed site.
- Plugin: Fix for edge case that caused PHP Multithreaded to be database engine when MySQLDump was chosen



- Installer: Fixes for edge case replace path params on step 3 (i.e. /www/ path)
- Installer: New scan file format
- Installer: New file structure for improved security
- Plugin: OneDrive test button logic improved
- Plugin: Fixed issue when reauthozing a OneDrive Business endpoint as Personal
- Installer: Warn on install in a subdirectory of a Wordfence-equipped site
- Installer: Auto-disable Really Simple SSL when installing to http location
- Installer: New option to regenerate keys and salts of installed site (Freelancer/Business/Gold)
- Installer: Large archive file check for 32 bit PHP
- Plugin: Option to purge plugin records when local packages removed


- Plugin: Preventing errors displaying when mysql paths not present
- Plugin: Fixed schedule archive mode bug
- Plugin: Fixed upgrade bug that would clear auth password
- Installer: Fixed Multisite subdomain install timeouts


- Plugin: Fixed installer load failure when installing multisite on PHP 5.2



- Installer: New notice checks on step 1 (Archieve Installed, Overwrite mode, Database Only).
- Plugin: Fix for FTP path issue.
- Plugin: Multisite subdomain fixed when including domains other than the main domain.
- Plugin: Improved package verification for OneDrive, S3, and Dropbox.



- Plugin: Generated SQL now uses bulk inserts which improves installation speed.
- Installer: Fix applied to properly handle recursive objects.
- Plugin: Auto setting of AJAX setting upon install.


- Plugin: Fixed bug preventing systems running PHP 5.5 and below from creating a storage endpoint.


- Plugin: Fixed bug introduced in 3.7.1 that was preventing schedules from properly running in certain configurations.



- Plugin: OneDrive for Business support added.
- Plugin: Combined build engine into a single setting. Previously was one entry for manual and one for schedule.
- Installer: Now supports "SQL Streaming" which helps installer process very large databases.
- Plugin: Bug fixed in PHP chunking mode that would appear on CPU limited machines.
- Installer: Bug fixed involving errors restoring stored procs using different account than used in source database.


- Installer: Fixed issue where the update engine wasn't working properly in certain rare scenarios.



- Plugin: Added OneDrive support
- Plugin: Templates menu has been moved to be a tab of the Tools menu
- Installer: Fixed installer hang issue due to API changes in PHP 7.2 - Plugin: Changed a few items to prevent warnings on PHP 7.2
- Plugin: Decreased default worker time to 14 seconds to increase package engine reliability
Even numbers are the release line and odd numbers the development line. The very latest Github developer version can be downloaded here . The WordPress trunk version can be [found here] but is not recommended for testing. For third-party plugin stability tests click here.


- Plugin: Shared package and installer link is not working when the user is not logged in.
- Plugin: Display review notice after making 5 successful package created



- Plugin: Large site build problems due to 32 bit not being reported properly
- Plugin: Main menu color update to support theme colors better
- Plugin: Plugin: Display error where user has insufficient privileges to SHOW CREATE PROCEDURE
- Plugin: Address UI issues caused by WordPress 5.3 css updates
- Plugin: Daf link issue when trying to download the file
- Plugin: Legacy logic for can't create a package if the file root/database.sql exist
- Plugin: Not throwing error If table query fails
- Installer: Installer not downloading when using the link from package details page on some hosts


- Plugin: Remove Google plus social icon
- Plugin: Translation Language file updates
- Plugin: Display a correct error message for memory error on package creation
- Plugin: Timezone related issue - Third Party plugin conflict
- Plugin: Fix Packages Detail Page - Make expanders sticky again
- Plugin: Won't make full Archive on some hosts
- Plugin: Fix permission of wp_snapshot dir on upgrade
- Installer: 64-bit OS too large for 64-bit PHP
- Installer: Port Lite design pattern in Other parts of the LITE
- Installer: Increase timeout to 900 make empty username and pass of the s3 of installation


- All: Synchronize snaplib from lite and pro
- Plugin: Remove error word from the "Database Table row count validation error
- Plugin: Archive Creation Time is shown wrong
- Plugin: Provide option to unhook third party JS and CSS from Duplicator admin pages
- Plugin: Improve DB Validation
- Plugin: A Package download button is disabled in HomeStead
- Plugin: Notice: Undefined index: version in duplicator\classes\class.settings.php on line 28
- Plugin: Backup Failed - Table doesn't exist
- Plugin: After migration warnings
- Plugin: Temporarily Disable Questionnaire
- Plugin: ZipArchive Package mode produces erroneous package in the HomeStead Environment
- Installer: Option in wp configuration transformer get val fixed
- Installer: JSON callback fix for php 5.2
- Installer: Add comment for DUPX_CSRF
- Installer: WPBakey page builder issue after migration
- Installer: getWpConfigTransformer init fix


- Installer: Highlight differences in name of archive when wrong archive used
- Plugin: Issue with PHP 5.2 install and admin loading issues
- Installer: Archive not found message in step 1
- Installer: Fix php notice and get option fatal error in installer
- Installer: Step 3 pro reference cleanup
- Installer: Add static at dupx packages functions


- Plugin: Detect WP Engine hosting and change the installer name
- Plugin: Auto select duparchive when installed on GoDaddy
- Plugin: Change Package field type change from MEDIUMBLOB to LONGTEXT
- Installer: Highlight differences in name of archive when wrong archive used
- Plugin: Improve deletion logic to delete all files prefixed with name hash
- Plugin: Detect WP Engine hosting and its compatible changes
- Plugin: Remove tracking of the 'temporarily deactivating' reason
- Plugin: Memory problem on zip archive
- Plugin: Bug An erroneous package can't be deleted issue
- Plugin: Remove dtoken.php references
- Plugin: Make build % work to the tenth of a percent
- Plugin: Clean package object before save
- Installer: DupArchive error don't display properly
- Installer: Does not work with the ngrok URL
- Installer: Saved password create the issue in the installer step 3
- Installer: Installer console error with 404 and favicon
- Installer: The wpconfgitransformer get_value and escape strings fixed
- Installer: Extractor log improved, installer log improvements
- Installer: Mac safari console error
- Installer: Improve chmod permission
- Installer: When ziparchive and shellzip not available, auto select DupArchive for build
- Installer: Max size archive check fixed
- Installer: Cleanup for entry into wp-config.php for define('DB_USER... [credit]
- Installer: WPEngine DupArchive is not working


- Plugin: New icon/logo setup
- Plugin: Move wp-json encode pretty print in snap lib and align snap lib with pro
- Plugin: Hide all input passwords with show/hide button also on installer
- Installer: New requirements check for global transaction identifier GTID consistency issue
- Plugin: Package creation is not working in a InstantWP
- Plugin: Backup improvement for certain environments
- Plugin: Improve memory management
- Plugin: Package wp config file deletion on the deletion of the plugin
- Installer: Improve size of installer
- Installer: Various fixes for wp config transformer
- Installer: DupArchive die main installer problem and dawn.php ajax call
- Installer: Message update for zip extraction
- Installer: wp-config.txt not removed on package deletion


- Plugin: Deactivation feedback form on uninstall
- Plugin: New onlydb scan report layout
- Plugin: New font awesome 5 update
- Installer: Improve log start info
- Installer: Lightbox for installer-log.txt and wp-config compare
- Installer: Notices added to log improved for files extractor
- Plugin: Improve reset packaged button to work on broken status
- Plugin: Zip Archive is taking backup of only db
- Plugin: Snaplib sync issues resolved
- Plugin: Duplicate database row listing
- Installer: Memory Issues when setting directly
- Installer: Define custom _wp_json_sanity_check
- Installer: Improve notification from file extractor errors
- Installer: Database pass escape function added unicode chars to support '{$' sequence escaped
- Installer: CSRF crypt solve issues
- Installer: utf8_decode fallback function
- Installer: Post install leads to Forbidden page
- Installer: Bootstrap function to insert in all php file executed directly
- Installer: DB connection error check and log improved
- Installer: An invalid request was made to "step1"


- Plugin: enable create new button on build package completed
- Plugin: Json package files with pretty print mode
- Plugin: Uniform dbinfo like to be consistent with pro
- Installer: Update email domains on step 3 of installer option.
- Installer: Help layout improved
- Installer: Step 4 UI formatting
- Plugin: Updates to snaplib library
- Plugin: Introduce language folder for testing how to better improve language updates
- Plugin: Core tables added to support WordPress 5.1
- Plugin: Verify db install by row count
- Installer: Improve bootloader support for updating htaccess with apache modules check
- Installer: DupArchive "already installed" checking flow change
- Installer: Extractor bugfix log improved if dup-folder not found continue with subfolder empty
- Installer: Transformer update regex bugfix
- Installer: Step 1 Display low disk space warning message
- Installer: Step 1 On some systems the installer is stuck on this step
- Installer: Step 1 503 Service Unavailable after
- Installer: Step 2 option "Apply Legacy Collation Fallback" working again.
- Installer: Step 4 wp-confg exception critical error report added
- Installer: Step 4 Improve notice messages and final report


- Plugin: New help icon for package running reset instructions
- Plugin: Improve log file cleanup to also remove log1 files
- Installer: Fixed security issues with package processing (Thanks Marco at
- Installer: Complex DB pass is not working in installer

For a list of previous change logs see the legacy changelog history.

Fix: A bug or process that is updated to address a possible system issue.
New: A new feature or process implemented in this release.