Change Log

3.5.4 [2017-?]

– Plugin: Packages screen improved remote storage feedback on button and dialog

3.5.3 [2017-11-4] Latest-Stable

– Plugin: Added filtering of multisite subsites
– Plugin: Settings > General > Visal Profiles subtab section for various states of development
– Plugin: Packages screen has improved packages column button menus for improved navigation
– Plugin: Split build engine settings between scheduled builds and manual builds
– Alpha: New alpha features see Settings > General & gt; Feature Profiles
– Plugin: Settings > Migrate Settings > Export has improved error handling for bad data.
– Plugin: Scanner quick filter bug with build button remaining disabled after no filter applied.
– Plugin: WordPress 4.8.3 bug when using PHP SQL mode. Recommended esc_sql patch applied.
– Plugin: Lock type autodetection fixed.

3.5.2 [2017-10-18]

– Plugin: Creating a package has improved help links for when ZipArchive is not installed
– Plugin: Standardized WordPress notice message boxes
– Plugin: Scanner new read check for unreadable files and recursive sym-links
– Plugin: DupArchive ‘installer extractor’ added in ‘tools’ directory. Allows one to extract installer directly from .daf file
– Installer: New safe mode option available on step 1 to help with problem installs
– Plugin: Screen Opts on Packages screen only shows up on main packages screen
– Plugin: Scanner now detects and skips recursive sym-links
– Plugin: DupArchive download link fixed
– Installer: Duplicate key insertion bug fixed for Multisite subsite->standalone installs
– Installer: Duparchive read lock fix

3.5.1 [2017-9-29]

– Installer: Has enhance update engine to work with unkeyed table schemas
– Packages: Packages screen notice when default max stores is above total count
– Packages: Scanner improved to check for filters setup on core wp paths such as wp-admin, wp-content etc.
– Plugin: Improved tools layout support and logs are now under diagnostics tab as sub-tabs
– Packages: Introduced lock type detection
– Packages: Improved mysqldump detection
– Multisite: Fixed support for sites originally created pre-WordPress 3.5
– Installer: Word boundary fix for domain names with exact same root path
– Installer: Bootstrap will continue with manually ex traced and missing archive file
– Installer: cPanel bug with logins not being able to connect
– Installer: Unkeyed database tables now properly processed
– Installer: Database tables with alphanumeric keys now properly processed
– Installer: Improved collation support

3.5.0 [2017-9-4]

– DupArchive package engine taken out of beta (good for large sites and restricted hosts)
– Quick filters added for Addon sites
– Installer warning notice for PHP 5.2
– Package archive database filters improved notice for core WP tables
– Installer database only mode should skip wp-config detection
– Installer archive.cfg should filter exclude table collation list and empty values
– Package archive database filters improved notice for core WP tables
– Multisite instructions tab re-added to package build screen after being accidentally removed

3.4.9 (2017-8-23)

– New: Packages paging option for navigation and new screen options pull-down
– New: Detection of bad db user rights at plugin install time
– Fix: Package scan failure with DB comments that have invalid serialized data
– Fix: Package scan warning with open base dir enabled hides file_exist warning
– Fix: Installer terms section is now a dialog to simplify UI
– Fix: Installer validation no longer does a required check on PHP safe mode
– Fix: Scanner WordPress version check is 4.6 or better
– Fix: Improved settings > packages page layout
– Fix: Licence key check for md5 on client side
– Fix: Security patch for browse directory index.php checks & WP called runtime

The (developer version) can be downloaded here. Patterns with even numbers are the release line and odd numbers the development line.

1.2.31 [2017-?]

[Download Beta]
– Plugin: New integrated help drop-down for improved useability

1.2.30 [2017-11-13]

[Download 1.2.30]
– Plugin: Improved the build status screen to be easier to read
– Fix: XSS security patch in the installer.php file. Resourced By Ricardo Sanchez

1.2.28 [2017-11-05]

[Download 1.2.28]
– Plugin: Standardized WordPress notice message boxes
– Plugin: Tools Cleanup tab has been merged to Diagnostics > Information
– Plugin: Scanner has add-on site detection built in for recommended filter
– Installer: New safe mode option on step 1 Basic/Advanced
– Installer: Improved installer logging for unkeyed schemas
– Installer: Unkeyed table schemas that have no data in where clause ignored
– Plugin: Packages step 1 required check on root path is now a warn test
– Plugin: Date time to sync with WP standard
– Plugin: WordPress 4.8.3 bug when using PHP SQL mode. Recommended esc_sql patch applied.

1.2.26 [2017-10-7]

[Download 1.2.26]
– Scanner: WordPress core file/path checks notices and uncompress label
– Plugin: Diagnostics tab reordered with logs and support
– Plugin: New settings license tab
– Installer: Update engine supports legacy collation fallback check option
– Package: mysqldump build to support ‘!’ character on windows
– Installer: skips database ‘views’ when dropping on install
– Installer: Update engine supports alpha numeric key updates
– Installer: Update engine supports unkeyed schemas

1.2.24 [2017-9-9]

[Download 1.2.24]
– Fix: support to account for undefined function sanitize_textarea_field pre WP 4.7 installs
– Fix: Issue with wp_nonce_field refer field on small sub-set of hosts causing 403 forbidden
– Fix: Installer word boundary, raw protocol replace fixes (fixed in 1.2.16 but re-introduced in 1.2.18)

1.2.22 [2017-9-2]

[Download 1.2.22]
– New: Beta flag removed for archive only the database option
– New: Package archive database filters improved notice for core WP tables
– New: Package directory and file counts on archive file filters
– Fix: Moved help to a more open position on the packages screen
– Fix: At plugin install mysqldump is now the default option if available
– Fix: XSS security patch expos-able only to admin users. Thanks to NCC Group for alerting us.

For a list of previous change logs see the legacy changelog history.

Fix: A bug or process that is updated to address a possible system issue.
New: A new feature or process implemented in this release.