Change Log [2018-8-9] Latest-Stable

– Installer: Fixed issue that prevented permissions changes from occurring
– Installer: ZipArchive Chunking extraction issue fixed that prevented package builds on newly installed site.
– Plugin: Fix for edge case that caused PHP Multithreaded to be database engine when MySQLDump was chosen

3.7.4 [2018-7-25]

– Installer: Fixes for edge case replace path params on step 3 (i.e. /www/ path)
– Installer: New scan file format
– Installer: New file structure for improved security
– Plugin: OneDrive test button logic improved
– Plugin: Fixed issue when reauthozing a OneDrive Business endpoint as Personal
– Installer: Warn on install in a subdirectory of a Wordfence-equipped site
– Installer: Auto-disable Really Simple SSL when installing to http location
– Installer: New option to regenerate keys and salts of installed site (Freelancer/Business/Gold)
– Installer: Large archive file check for 32 bit PHP
– Plugin: Option to purge plugin records when local packages removed [2018-7-21]

– Plugin: Preventing errors displaying when mysql paths not present
– Plugin: Fixed schedule archive mode bug
– Plugin: Fixed upgrade bug that would clear auth password
– Installer: Fixed Multisite subdomain install timeouts [2018-6-22]

– Plugin: Fixed installer load failure when installing multisite on PHP 5.2

3.7.3 [2018-6-18]

– Installer: New notice checks on step 1 (Archieve Installed, Overwrite mode, Database Only).
– Plugin: Fix for FTP path issue.
– Plugin: Multisite subdomain fixed when including domains other than the main domain.
– Plugin: Improved package verification for OneDrive, S3, and Dropbox.

3.7.2 [2018-5-30]

– Plugin: Generated SQL now uses bulk inserts which improves installation speed.
– Installer: Fix applied to properly handle recursive objects.
– Plugin: Auto setting of AJAX setting upon install. [2018-5-21]

– Plugin: Fixed bug preventing systems running PHP 5.5 and below from creating a storage endpoint. [2018-5-8]

– Plugin: Fixed bug introduced in 3.7.1 that was preventing schedules from properly running in certain configurations.

3.7.1 [2018-4-30]

– Plugin: OneDrive for Business support added.
– Plugin: Combined build engine into a single setting. Previously was one entry for manual and one for schedule.
– Installer: Now supports “SQL Streaming” which helps installer process very large databases.
– Plugin: Bug fixed in PHP chunking mode that would appear on CPU limited machines.
– Installer: Bug fixed involving errors restoring stored procs using different account than used in source database. [2018-4-23]

– Installer: Fixed issue where the update engine wasn’t working properly in certain rare scenarios.

3.7.0 [2018-3-26]

– Plugin: Added OneDrive support
– Plugin: Templates menu has been moved to be a tab of the Tools menu
– Installer: Fixed installer hang issue due to API changes in PHP 7.2
– Plugin: Changed a few items to prevent warnings on PHP 7.2
– Plugin: Decreased default worker time to 14 seconds to increase package engine reliability

3.6.1 [2018-3-14]

– Plugin: Access to One Drive now restricted to apps folder. Upon upgrade, packages will be stored to /apps/ instead of /.
– Plugin: Additional help links for new users
– Plugin: Schedules now support branding
– Plugin: Dropbox error handling improved. Ensure reliability of archive when communication problems to Dropbox server. [2018-3-3]

– Plugin: Fixed bug introduced in 3.6.0 that caused some client side kickoff builds to cancel

3.6.0 [2018-3-1]

– Plugin: OneDrive Support! (Beta)
– Plugin: SFTP Support moved out of Beta.
– Plugin: New PHP DB chunking option. Helps with large databases and restricted hosts.
– Plugin: Made package building more efficient/less load on system.
– Installer: Security patch for XSS script on step 4 – only when installer is present

Duplicator 1.3 Beta is here! Check it out now!
The (1.2.*developer/beta version) can be downloaded here. Patterns with even numbers are the release line and odd numbers the development line.

1.2.41 [2018-?]

[Download Developer Version]
– Password option for installer
– Fix for mysqldump with open_basedir enabled
– Update parsley lib to 2.3.5
– Improved messages for database connection issues

1.2.40 [2018-6-06] Latest-Stable

[Download 1.2.40]
– Plugin: New link for Beta 1.3 download on build interrupt screen
– General: A few wording updates

1.2.38 [2018-5-19]

[Download 1.2.38]
– Plugin: Made the mailing list form at Duplicator > Settings > About page GDPR-compliant.

1.2.36 [2018-4-24]

[Download 1.2.36]
– Installer: Fix in for php 5.2 bug
– Installer: Help link updates
– Installer: The folder ‘__MACOSX’ removed from bad file format on archives
– Plugin: Fix for PHP 7 warning issues on in_array function
– Plugin: Improved messaging for users

1.2.34 [2018-03-01]

[Download 1.2.34]
– Plugin: Scanner has ‘Read Checks’ for unreadable files and symlinks
– Plugin: Fixes for PHP 7.2 specific code and support for deprecated create_function method .
– Plugin: Diagnostics setting for showing location of PHP error log.
– Plugin: Mysqldump path not getting detected on some cpanel hosts
– Installer: Security patch for XSS script on step 4 – severity low and only when installer is present

1.2.32 [2018-01-10]

[Download 1.2.32]
– Plugin: New integrated help drop-down for improved usability
– Plugin: Database only label for package creation notification
– Plugin: Popup Dialog issue with tb_window size conflicts with certain themes.
– Installer: Patch for IIS server variables missing in $_SERVER
– Installer: Fixed back link to step 1 on step 4 caused archive not found message
– Installer: Improved collation fall-back logging output

1.2.30 [2017-11-13]

[Download 1.2.30]
– Plugin: Improved the build status screen to be easier to read
– Fix: XSS security patch in the installer.php file. Resourced By Ricardo Sanchez

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Fix: A bug or process that is updated to address a possible system issue.
New: A new feature or process implemented in this release.