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How to Move a Very Large WordPress Site

When you need to move a very large WordPress site, it comes with special challenges not found with small and ‘standard’ sized sites. Shared hosts, especially cheaper budget hosts, can be tightly limited in both CPU and I/O.

What follows are a couple of options for moving a very large site using Duplicator Pro. It is not a comprehensive explanation, but rather a complement to the main article, How To Easily Move A WordPress Site – so be sure to read that as well.

Option 1: Use the DupArchive Format (Duplicator Pro Only)

Duplicator Pro now includes a new beta feature we’ve added to Duplicator Pro – the “DupArchive” archive format. Switching to the DupArchive format allows one to bundle up a large site into a single package rather than have to filter and move files as Option 2 does.

To use DupArchive:

  1. Set Duplicator Pro > Settings > Packages > Archive Engine to DupArchive

After making this settings change, building and installing a package is identical to the way you do it when using the zip format.

Option 2: Use the Zip Format and Perform a Two-Part Install

To perform a two-part install, follow the steps described here.

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